Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Prenatal Visit #7

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
"That looks like him"

Today I went in for my 28 week OB appointment. This was a special appointment because not only was I having my glucose/ sugar test, I also was having a special 4D ultrasound as well. Since this was a special appointment and we were going to be able to see a 4D image of Luke, I decided to invite my parents to come down and go to the ultrasound with me. Chris had baseball practice and he could not get it out of it so I wanted someone there to be with me. Who better than your mom, right?

It started with me drinking that nasty Orange stuff for the glucose/ sugar test. I had to drink all 20 ounces of it within 5 minutes then had to wait an hour before they would draw my blood to determine if I would need to take further tests and blood work for Gestational Diabetes. During this hour long wait, I was able to get my ultrasound done and meet with my doctor.

When we went into the Ultrasound room, the tech began by giving us all the disclaimers that are involved with an elective ultrasound such as a 4D. I knew most of this information but she was very helpful and enlightening for the whole process. She began and immediate found "his" parts with the regular 2D image. It was amazing how fast she found them as well as how clear she made them out to be. My parents and I were blown away and really could not tell either way. After that she switched over to the 4D technology and started to look for a great face image.

Unfortunately, Luke was looking off to the side and was not able to get the "full-on face" image that a 4D was known for. We got some excellent profile shots of him and we were able to watch him move and even SMILE while she tried to get him to roll over but we never got that 4D full- on face shot. I was a little disappointed, especially since my parents had drove in from Tyler, but at the same time felt good that I at least got to see his profile. (In our 20 week ultrasound, he was not cooperating either and we did not get a good or any profile shot). When I showed the photos to Chris he said "Yeah, that looks like him". Always a kidder, my husband. But Luke really did look like Natalie in these profile shots.

He kept rubbing his hand against his face the whole time. It was SO CUTE!

 The profile shot we had been waiting for...(He really does look alot like Natalie!)

The best one and MY PERSONAL FAVORITE!
I just cant wait to meet this little guy!

During the whole 10 minute process the technician was very nice and helpful and told me that if it was her she would try to reschedule and come again a little later. Most 4D ultrasounds are done between 27-32 weeks or so and I am just 28 weeks so she said don't spend my money on these. Again, I was disappointed but I went ahead and decided to wait and not pay the $100 for this session. My parents were just thrilled to be able to see Luke and get to see him SMILE and move around. I wish for their sakes he would have cooperated but then again maybe if we wait Chris MIGHT be able to come and see it too. I am going to go back in 2 weeks for my 30 appointment and  I am going to try again then.

Dr. Markos was running late from an emergency surgery in Conroe so I had to wait for him just a little while but as soon as he got there he came right in and did the full check-up. Once again, I measured 2 weeks ahead at 30 weeks instead of 28. And once again he told me "Your an over-achiever". He still did not move my actual due date up yet but he said he will continue to monitor this. I measured at least 1 week ahead from 30 weeks on with Natalie and although she was big she was fine. Of course I would like for the due date to be earlier so I will get more time with Luke overall and not have to teach up until 2 days after I get out of school for the summer; BUT my MAIN CONCERN is LUKE'S DEVELOPMENT and I certainly don't want to take him out before he is ready. We will just continue to monitor him and see what happens as we get closer and closer to his arrival.

My blood pressure was nearly perfect (as usual) with a 126/82. I have felt that my blood pressure was really high lately due to alot of stress at home and school but EVERY time I go to the school nurse or the doctor it is in this perfect range. I ended up gaining 3.2 pounds this time and I am not happy about that since I have been trying to monitor my weight gain and my caloric intake so very well (especially this time since I was having the Glucose/ Sugar test). But it was at this visit that I passed my PRE-PREGNANCY weight of Natalie. Of course that was the day we found out we were having Natalie and right now I am 28 weeks along but I was a little depressed about that. As I have mentioned before, it is just so hard to watch that scale go up and up knowing how hard I worked over the last year or so to lose that 65+ pounds. I guess I will just have to work that hard again here soon.

I wont know about the results of the sugar test until Thursday or even Friday but I am hoping and praying that I will pass this first time and not have to go and take the 3 hour fasting test like I did with Natalie (It was AWFUL). The doctor told me that "no news is good news" and they would call me if there was a problem or I would need to come back in for a 2nd test. CROSS YOUR FINGERS and SAY A PRAY FOR ME PLEASE!

Overall, it was a good appointment and I was very pleased. I now start my bi-monthly, or every 2 weeks, appointments. It seems too early for that but I know this is when I started them last time. The time is just flying by so very fast... Mr. Luke will be here before you know it!

Thank you Lord for my little boy and for a healthy pregnancy thus far!
God is Good... ALL THE TIME !

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