Saturday, March 17, 2012

Only 56 more days

You would think I am counting down the days to Baby Luke's arrival but in all reality, I am counting down the days to the end of school. A  great teacher friend of mine from Grove used to ALWAYS say "Now don't wish you life away" and she is right but in my current situation (baby included), I still cant help but count down the time I have remaining. I feel like now I just need a new start. Perhaps the reason this year has been so hard on me is because I not only was not depressed about NOT teaching band but also once I got into the general music classroom it was ALOT different than I was accustom to and had experience in. I know I could do much more and much better if just given another opportunity for a fresh start. I have spent some time over Spring Break outlining my goals and objectives for the remaining weeks of school I am excited about the possibilities it will bring to me and my music students.

I have never taught recorders before so I am really thrilled to be able to continue this process. While at TMEA I attended several conferences about teaching recorders and got a lot of motivation. I started some of this before Spring Break but I will really buckle down when we get back this week. I am really excited to try this new adventure for me and a new way of learning the recorder for my current students.

Instruments and their "Families"
I have re-vamped an old way of teaching the instruments and their families to my primary grades. I used a very common and resourceful method of teaching this while at Grove but now I have added some new 21st century twists, projects, games and other educational things to it to make it a little bit more interesting for my students.

I have some new singing and movement games I found while at TMEA that I am going to try in May. This will be geared towards the primary grades but I will also do some of the lessons with the upper grades as well.

I have TONS of more stuff I learned while at TMEA this year that I am eager to apply in my classroom. Unfortunately, most of them are semester long methods that cannot be crunched into just 9 weeks or so. Again, I feel like more whole attitude and perspective would be a lot better if I just had a clean slate and fresh start. Until then, I will just keep on "Trucking" and try to make it through these next 56 days!

If it weren't for Him... I would not have this job and my whole life would be different right now. Thank you Lord for Your provision and all-knowing power. You knew what this road would look like and You knew I could handle it. Thank You for Your many blessings!

God is Good... ALL THE TIME!

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