Monday, March 5, 2012

One Day... That will be ME!

This past week I was able to go to some of Chris' baseball games down at Aldine. It was an experience in and of itself but a pleasure to be there for my man and support him in this new endeavor in his life.

The first game I went to I decided to take Natalie to. I had been telling her "Daddy is at baseball" pretty much every time she asked where he was so I thought it would be appropriate for her to go to one of his games. As soon as we got there she immediately spotted Chris and started yelling and crying to go and get daddy. It was really sad because she didn't understand that daddy could NOT hold her right now. I tried to get her to sit on the bleachers but that seemed to make it worse. We then went and tailgated on the back of my car. She seemed to like this because she could see daddy but he was far enough away she knew he could not hold her. We did this for about an hour and a half and then she asked to go and sit on the bench. She cried a little but then settled down enough to sit on the bleachers and watch the game. About 1/2 inning later, the game was over. Jackie was kind enough to offer to take care of Natalie on Saturday so I could go to another game. This was a double header and I got there around the 3rd inning of the second game. There were alot more people at this particular game and I am assuming that is because it was on a weekend.

At both of these games I was able to see family members from both teams. I also was able to see "BASEBALL MOMS" at both of these games. During one of the games I witnessed a mom cheering hard for her son but then also cheering for the rest of the team. Between innings she would go over to the dugout and give the boys snacks, Gatorade and water. She also had a basket of cookies waiting on them when the game was over. At the second game I witness a mom wearing a "Brett's Mom" shirt and coordinating jacket. It was adorable!

I am so excited about having a little boy and I cannot wait for the day when I can be a "Baseball Mom" and support my little boy like these moms did! That is what being a mom is all about! One of these days... I will be the Baseball (AND CHEER) MOM!

Thank you Lord for your continued blessings! GOD IS GOOD... ALL THE TIME!

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