Sunday, March 11, 2012

Here's to SIX PLUS more years...

March 11, 2012
6 Wonderful years and counting...

Six years ago today, I was getting ready to change my life forever. I had met the man of my dreams and was getting ready to take his hand in marriage. This was the day I had waited for my entire life. In fact, as I approached the hair salon with my friends and bridesmaids, I got out of the car yelling "I'm getting married today... WOOHOO" in true Monica Geller (FRIENDS) fashion. I swear I did not sleep a wink the night before and I was so very very anxious for the BIG DAY!  I could not wait to be Mrs. Chris Davis!

The day started off with my bridesmaids and I getting our hair done at my favorite salon in Norman. My sister was there and was such a support to me as I was getting ready. She told me how beautiful I was and I was going to be a gorgeous bride. This helped ease my fears and anxiety so much! I then headed over to Dillard's in the Sooner Fashion Mall with another bridesmaid and one of my best friends, Aubrey, to get my make-up done. By 11am I was "dolled up" and ready to go. I then made my way over to Bethel Baptist Church where the ceremony and reception would take place. My mom, grandmother and sister were all there helping me get my dress on and get ready for our pre-ceremony pictures. I was so excited about taking the pictures but couldnt help but wonder what Chris and the groomsmen were doing on their side of the church.

Another 2+ hours passed and it was time for me to make my way to the sanctuary to walk down the aisle and take my grooms hand. Bethel was set up in a way that I actually had to go outside to get the back of the main aisle of the sanctuary. It was a beautiful crisp, clean day and I will never forget the beauty of that day as long as I live. All of the wedding party had made their way down the aisle and it was my turn. My wedding coordinator, Barbara, opened the doors and there stood my groom. I will never forget the look on his face. With my dad escorting me down the aisle and the music playing in the background, I took my last steps as a "Klingsick".

Our pastor from Bethel Baptist Church, James Erlich, and my dad performed the ceremony and within minutes we were Mr. and Mrs. Davis. It was the best feeling in the world! My dad laughed with relief and said "You may now kiss your bride". We did it! I remembered exiting down the main aisle and breathing a sigh of relief with my bouquet as the crowd laughed. It felt great to finally be Mrs. Davis!

"With this ring... I thee wed"

"You may now kiss your bride"

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Davis

I honestly don't remember much about the reception because I kept thinking about how lucky I was and how wonderful my life was going to be with the man of my dreams. We took more pictures after the ceremony and did the wedding rituals of cutting the cake, feeding it to each other and making toasts, but through it all I kept thinking about our future together and thanking God for putting Chris in my life! The funny thing is, my mind has NEVER drifted from these thoughts and curiosity of what our life will be like together because we will still have many years to go. I thank God EACH AND EVERY day for allowing me to be Mrs. Chris Davis and giving me such an amazing husband and father to my children!

Six years later and here I sit contemplating our previous six years together and how the next six will be even better. On that BEST DAY OF MY LIFE, I would have never imagined I would be sitting here on our anniversary six years later with a beautiful daughter and another baby BOY on the way. God has been good to Chris and I and we are forever grateful! I can only imagine what the next six years will entail!

To my loving husband,
Thank you for the last six years! You have been there for me through THICK and thin! You have held my hand in times of trouble and despair. You have lifted my spirits through acts of kindness and helped me get over depression and other emotional stress just by making me laugh! You are an amazing husband and an even better father and I cannot thank God enough for putting you in my life! I consider myself to be the luckiest woman alive! I love you Chris Davis and here's to SIX PLUS MORE YEARS!

Through it all... we are still just a couple of youngsters in LOVE!

Today especially

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