Friday, November 11, 2011

1 year and 7 months

This time last year, Chris and I were just starting our major life overhaul and completing our 1st round of HCG diet drops. I had several teacher friends at school that had been taking them and had lost a lot of weight so Chris and I decided we would try them. That was the best decision we ever made. I had tried other diets in my life such as: The Atkins diet, the ever-popular "low carb" diet and even a grapefruit diet of some kind (Yeah... that was a JOKE) but none of them really fixed the problem of putting the weight right back on after I completed the diet. All of these were at best good for about 20 pounds and then my body would be come immune to their effects. The most weight I had lost prior to this HCG diet was 33 pounds on a low carb "Curves" diet 6 months prior to my wedding. I was able to keep that off for about 4 months of marriage and then the newly-wed weight gain came pushing right on in. (my poor husband is always blaming his weight gain on me... I hope that is because I am a good cook!!!!) Needlesstosay, I had not found a diet program that really worked, worked quickly and was able to keep it off... until HCG.

We started our weight-loss journey in October of 2010 and by Thanksgiving we had lost about 40 pounds together. Each of us lost about 20 pounds on the 1st round of the diet aide. Chris obviously did better than me (Because he is a MAN) but I did really well and lost 23 pounds. During the 2010 Holiday season we were on the maintenance phase and despite all the delicious holiday treats we ate, neither of us gained any holiday weight. In January we started our 2nd round of treatment and by the beginning of February we had lost another 60 pounds. Together we had lost over 110 pounds and felt better than we EVER had. I got down to my lowest weight in my adult life (As long as I could remember) and I felt so young and beautiful again. Chris was back down to a healthy weight and looking fabulous.

Chris continued and did another round of treatment while I tried to maintain the 55 pounds I had lost thus far. Over the matter of the spring and finishing out the school year, I had lost another 10 pounds and was down to a healthy weight and had lost 65 pounds over all. Then the summer hit and we were bombarded (LITERALLY) by a life change and a move. We started to slip off the diet track and on to the "easy" and "Convenient" track as far as eating went. Since June I have gained about 7-10 pounds and I still feel great but feel as if I could have done a better job of keeping it off. I still have kept 50 (at least) of those pounds off.

So in 1 year's time I was able to drop 65 pounds, 3-4 dress sizes, and overall become a new person. Now in only 7 short months all of that will hard work will have to happen again. Because in 7 short months, I will have a baby and will need to lose another 65 pounds to make up for this new little guy (Or gal) in my life. That is right... I AM PREGNANT!
Chris and I found out on October 12 and it has been crazy ever since then and I am sure the next 7 months will only get worse. We finally told my parents now so it can now officially be public knowledge. Chris and I are very excited and hope we can be the best parents possible to this new little bundle of joy. Yet again, God has continued to bless me and my family and I am forever grateful.

In my husband's words: In June we are going to expand the LSU population by 1. (OF COURSE... he/she will really be an OU fan but I am not going to burst Chris' bubble!)


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