Thursday, November 17, 2011

Optometrist Failure

Earlier this past week one of my contacts tore and I was without an additional pair. I searched frantically through the garage of boxes hoping to find them but no such luck. I have glasses and they work fine but I just prefer contacts. I decided it was time to go ahead and go to the optometrist and get my yearly exam done. I would say I am faithful to my yearly exam but I consider them to be about 18 months apart instead of 12. (I try to make it stretch if possible!!!) Since this was a new doctor for me there were lots of test and additional steps taken that I was not used to. As I was sitting in within the doctor she mentioned how I have an Astigmatism and the prescription seems to be the same and has not changed from the current one in my glasses. I figured this was good since I am pregnant and change in vision happens to some women during this time. After nearly an hour of doing "Is it better in 1 or 2" and "Which is clearer 3 or 4" she offered me a chance for her to look at a picture of my eye that the tech had taken while I did my pre-liminary tests. She told me

"We look at the back of the eye and try to see if there are other health issues going on. Things like glaucoma, cancer, even brain tumors. Alot of young people just think it is a waste but it can really tell rather or not a person is truly healthy. It is only $39 and insurance does not pay for it. Would you like for us to take a look?"

I am a little dumbfounded at this point and I am curious as to why she wants me to do this. She continues, "Well perhaps your old doctor did not do this but it has been around for 11 years so it is reliable". I told her no and that I really just came in for contacts. She went through her "YOUNG PERSONS" part of the speech again and I decided to play the "Money is tight" card and get out of that situation. I was getting a little upset at this point and just wanted to get out of there. Her response was: "I cannot tell you that you are healthy unless you let me see your eye". I told her I did not have time and she said "Oh we already took the picture, I just have to look at it" So she is going to charge me $39 to look at the picture she already took. WOW... I was so speechless. I could not believe it.

Later she tells me that her office does not have contacts on hand she would have to order some for me. She took the prescription of my glasses and then basically guessed the contacts prescription from there. She told me I needed to be wearing these "TORIC" lenses which help people with Astigmatism. I have worn these in the past and I HATED them... not to mention they are outrageously expensive. She told me that was what she was going to order and she would not prescribe the contact brand I was currently wearing because the are not best for people with Astigmatism. Then after checking on the computer she told me I would have to order the "TORIC XR" which are even more expensive. These are about $120 a box/ per eye! I was still speechless and very frustrated.

In Shawnee, I liked my optometrist and he was very understanding in my dislike of these special lenses and allowed me to get other ones and they seem to have worked just fine. Not this woman, she was just too pushy. I had to pay the co-pay for the exam and it will be billed as my one exam this calendar year but I am not going to go to her again.

So I basically got told I was going to HAVE TO BUY the expensive lenses, tried to get scammed with a looking at a picture of my eye AND I still walked out of there without any contacts! AHHHHH.... So frustrating.

Just another reason I miss Shawnee!!!!!

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