Thursday, November 24, 2011

Why I LOVE my husband

Chris Davis and the Fried Turkey
On Monday I wrote my first Thanksgiving blog about my many blessings and thanking God for these blessings. I mentioned in this blog my husband and how lucky I am to have him. I also mentioned how I appreciate his sense of humor. My family immediately asked me "Are you really appreciative of that?" I have never really had a sense of humor and Chris ALWAYS does. Today is a GREAT example of Chris and his sense of humor.

We had made a list of all of the Thanksgiving meal and who was in charge of what. Chris was put in charge of frying the Turkey. He decided to make a list of the schedule for frying his turkey. This schedule looked like this:

11:00- Check to see if turkey is thawed. If not, commence warm bath
11:30- Bathroom and Coke break
11:40- Pull turkey out of bath and commence drying with paper towels
12:00pm- Play with Natalie (I am sure she is appreciative of this)
12:10- Finish drying the turkey
12:11- Assemble the fryer
12:20- Pour oil in the fryer and heat oil
12:30- Inject Turkey with Marinade
12:40- Rub Turkey with dry rub
1:00- Put turkey in fryer
1:05- Bathroom break
1:10- Coke or tea break
1:15- Check turkey
1:20- Small break to ponder life's eternal questions (*This is why I love him)
1:30- Pester cooks in Kitchen (*Again... GOTTA LOVE HIM)
1:40- Begin preparations for pulling turkey
1:45- Pre-meal meditation (*hahaha... I am still laughing about this one)
1:50- Pull turkey out of the fryer and hang off side to let dry
1:55- Move turkey to Kitchen for slicing
2:00- Let the party begin

There is a small thing he forgot about...
4:00- Trade out my pants for Kellie's maternity pants
(Otherwise known as "THANKSGIVING PANTS!"... you know from FRIENDS!!!!)

That is why I appreciate my husband's sense of humor. He can always make me laugh! I love you honey and thanks for making the turkey!

God is Good.. ALL THE TIME!!!

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