Friday, November 18, 2011

Prenatal Visit #2

Tuesday, November 15 I had my second OB visit with Dr. Markos. This was the 1st "official" visit in their books since the 1st visit was an ultra-sound confirming the pregnancy. They asked me alot of questions and medical history stuff and after about an hour they decided to check for the fetal heartbeat. Now I knew from previous experience with Natalie that it is very uncommon to hear the fetal heartbeat at just 9 weeks. They tried to find his heartbeat with the Doppler but no luck. I did not get too anxious and all seemed well.

Later when Dr. Markos did an internal exam he said the baby was "Retro-verted". He says this with such a voice of worry (Well at least that is the way it sounded to me.) He then told me that the uterus was just backwards and that is why he could not get a clear heartbeat on the Doppler. I immediately went into "OMG" mode and started to worry. He looked at me and said "Are you OK?" I leaned over and told him "You don't know me but I worry alot and I tend to get a little nervous when I get news like this". He smiled and made a note in the folder (LITERALLY.. I was laughing) He then said that a retroverted fetus/ uterus is common and it corrects itself during pregnancy, usually around 11-12 weeks. He said that in a month during my next pre-natal, he will check for a heartbeat on Doppler again and check internally to make sure everything is fine.

He did inform me that when the uterus does flip around that I should have really bad cramping for a few days or so. This was great information for him to tell me because if he did not tell me this and I was experiencing cramping... that is when I would REALLY freak out. He also told me that a retro-verted uterus is a VERY common issue for infertility. That made me wonder if that could have been the cause of the 15 months of waiting for precious Natalie Grace. Of course, it looks like I still have the issue and this baby came right along at only 5 months of trying so... you never know. I guess that will just be another question I ask Jesus when I get to Heaven!!

The last thing I found out at this prenatal visit was (drum roll please)... I can do a gender-check ultrasound at only 16 weeks!!!! YEAH! So on January 2, 2012... I will be finding out the sex of this wonderful baby! I cannot wait!!! Only 6 1/2 weeks til then!

God is good... ALL THE TIME!

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