Thursday, May 31, 2012

ELEVEN Years From Now... Where will we be?

Only God knows!

Throughout my entire Christian life, I have looked to God to help me and guide me through this journey they call life. I have had an amazing "nearly 30" years thus far and I can only imagine what the next decade of my life will look like. I know that if I continue to have faith in God and let him be in control of my life... All will work out fine. But just for fun, I wanted to jot down another "Ten Year Picture" for my life. It will be interesting in 10 years from now to see what has turned out to be true and what has not.

May 2022
  1. I see myself with 2-4 children all growing up to be Christ like individuals.
  2. Natalie will be 13 and going on 30 I am sure, I see myself as the "Cheer" or "Dance" mom and taking her to and from competitions freqeutnly. Even if it is not cheer/ dance, I can already tell Natlie will be a very outgoing child and I see her furture is BRIGHT!
  3. Luke will almost 10 years old and growing up to be a very Godly man and individual. I see him playing Pee-Wee sports and T-ball frequently and Chris and I being the supportive parents cheering him to success on the sidelines.
  4. I dont know if we will have any more children but if we do I see them too growing up to be remarkable individuals that have Chris in their hearts and growing in the Word of Jesus Christ.
  5. I see Chris and I still teaching in our respecated fields. I think by that time Chris will have that fire and passion for teachgin that I do now. I think he will have touched NUMEROUS children's lives by then and will be working on touching more everyday.
  6. I hope to be able to back in the BAND BUSINESS and teaching/ directing band at a major district or school in the Houston Metro area.
  7. I hope to continue to be active in our church and faithful in weekly activities so our children will lead a Christ like life.
  8. I see Chris and I traveling during the summer months with and without our children. My family has always been into vacationing and I cannot wait to continue this tradition for my own children.
  9. I also see my children visiting their grandparetns frequently and vacation with them whenever possible.
  10. I hope to be able to perform at major sporting events in the Houston Metro frequently with my voice and saxophone as well as perform with other ensembles are the metro area (Such as Conroe Symphony Orchestra).
There are numerous other things that I can see happening in my and my families lives but the major picture I want to paint today is love for God and a love for leading a Christ like life. I hope to be able to do both of these on a daily basis for my family. The next TEN years will be interesting to see what happens but no matter what, I know GOD IS IN CONTROL!

As always...

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