Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Wife of a Math Teacher

So my husband changes careers and becomes a math teacher and in 7 years of teaching elementary Music and Band... I finally do a complete Math & Music Lesson complete with charts, graphs and more. I am pretty proud of myself!

I decided to try and teach the unit about instrument families a little different this year since my "crowd" and student ethnic group was a major difference than that of I am used to. I have a really neat video series that teaches all the instruments and their families and then there are Smartboard games to go along with it. We have been completing these on a monthly basis (I only see my kids once a week... if I am lucky). I had told the students that we would be completing a "SURVEY" about the instrument families and that they would need to be picking a favorite in each family.

A wall of the different type of charts my 5th graders complied of the survey results.

This past week we reviewed all the instruments and played lots of them and then began our survey. I had all of my primary students grades K-2 participate in this survey (over 410 kids) as well as their teachers and administrators. I then had my 5th Grade students compile all of the survey results into data with bar and pie charts as well as spreadsheets. They seperated the data into homeroom teachers, grade levels and an overall primary grades table. It was very interesting to see the results and charts my 5th graders made. We compiled charts as well as percentages. I am no math teacher but I was impressed with these students and my ability to compose such an "outside of the box" lesson! I might have to do this every year!

A Bar Chart completed by a 5th grade group reflecting the results of the entire Primary Grades Favorite Brass Instrument (The TUBA won... kinda odd to me. I would have NEVER guessed that!)



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