Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Less Than a Month

Sunday, May 13, 2012
"Less than a month to go"

Saturday marked the one month countdown to Baby Luke's arrival. In honor of that memorable calendar moment, Chris, my parents and Jackie all contributed to getting ready for Mr. Luke by re-arranging our living room, to make room for additional newborn supplies, as well as prepare the nursery for Baby Luke. This was an ALL DAY process beginning at 8am and ending roughly at 5pm. In fact, even Natalie helped.

We moved Natalie's room around to make room for some storage items and give her room a little more space and help clear the living room of added toys and toddler items. We ended up stacking the beds in her room to create bunk beds.  I was a little nervous of how she would take this change but thanks to Gigi Shirley's help in creating a "home" for her babies and laying down in the new bunk bed with Natalie, she adjusted so well that after lunch she ASKED to go take a nap in her new bed! I was very grateful for her good attitude and adjustment and my mom's ability and patience to work with her to get used to the new room and bed! Thanks MOM!

We also took apart the toddler bed and made it into a crib for Baby Luke. This was my 5th time to have to put together the crib/ toddler bed since Natalie's birth. This was due to the large width base of this particular crib and the narrow-ness of the doorways in both Shawnee and here. What was frustrating is after 5 times of putting the crib together, I still put the front arms of the crib on wrong and had to completely re-do a step and fix it! You would think after 5 times, I would have it down! Either way, the nursery is ready with the crib and changing table and it looks great.
I have to admit it looks a little weird without the pink and yellow flowers from Natalie's nursery but I must say... I LOVE THE SPORTS theme!
The changing table all ready to go with the new baskets Jackie made us!
(Ignore the pink Boppy pillow... I am going to get a BOY cover this weekend!)

I am going to continue to work this week while Natalie is go to get all of the clothes folded, hung and put away. Although, I discovered this weekend, this boy has ALOT of clothes. About 1/3 of his total wardrobe was given to us from a neighbor. The rest of either purchased through stores and consignment or given to us by generous people from our Church or SS class. It is amazing how much he has already and I cannot wait to put him in some of these outfits!

We also discovered some of the vital newborn things we are still lacking such as pacifiers, bottles/ nipples, burp cloths, a diaper bag and other necessities. I am going to continue to organize the nursery and Luke's room to help get an even better idea of what we need to get in the next few weeks. Hopefully, I can get the nursery organized and have a list of needs by this weekend so I can spend the following weekend, getting these much needed items!

Also this weekend, my mother in-law helped transform some nursery baskets I had used with Natalie into BOY BASKETS by creating sports themed basket liners for them. I am so amazed at how people like her can look at a given piece of clothing or in this case a basket liner and create a pattern for it and then use fabric to create a new one. I had been searching long and hard for nearly a month looking for baskets for the changing table with no luck. In fact, I went ahead and purchased so that I didn't really like just so we would have some. After I explained to Jackie what I wanted, she looked at the baskets I already had with pink liners and said she could create new ones for me. We used Chris and Dan's help in getting proper mathematical measurements and on Saturday Jackie completed these basket liners. They look fantastic and I am more than thrilled with their look and outcome! Thank you SO MUCH JACKIE! You are AWESOME!

I cannot believe little Luke will be here in now LESS THAN A MONTH! If you would have asked me two weeks ago if I was ready, I would have been in a panic and said "NO!" but now I feel as if little Luke decides to come early, I am ready for him to grace us with his presence! All of this is thanks to my parents, Chris and Jackie! I know this month is just going to FLY by but I am going to try to not only get EVERYTHING ready for Luke but also spend much needed ALONE time with Natalie. She only has 1 month left as an only child and I know that is going to be a shock to her as well.

I just cant believe that in 1 month I will be the mother of TWO! Crazy huh?


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