Friday, May 25, 2012

Prenatal Visit #11

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
"Different Davises"

Today I went in for my 36 week OB appointment and ultrasound. It started out with an ultrasound to check the development of Baby Luke and most importantly his weight. I went into the ultrasound tech room and the technician checked Luke's organ. She measured all of them and got "readings" on each of them. They all seemed a little "Smashed" to me and I was not able to make out any of the organs. She told me a few of them, like the kidneys, and told me the approximately gestational age. For some of the measurements, Luke was measuring at 34 and 35 weeks and I am currently 36 weeks. I asked if that was normal and she said yes. We also got to Triple/ Quadruple/ whatever-ple check if its still a boy and yes... IT IS STILL A BOY! In fact she smiled and said "here are the testicles and private parts... that is CLEARLY a boy". I was all smiles from that point on! She tried to take a few pictures of his face but it was very "crowded" in there as she said. I have a few pictures but none are really good or even look like a fetus face.

I asked her right before I left the room what his weight was and right now Luke weighs 5 pounds 14 ounces. The typical weight for a 36 week fetus is 6.5 pounds! She said that at max he would gain 1.5-2 pounds in the next 3 weeks so I would more than likely have a high 6 or low 7 pound baby. I was completely dumbfounded!!! First of all, this is a KLINGSICK/ DAVIS baby and I just expected higher. Although Chris reminded me last night that him and his siblings were all very small and each below 7 pounds. Second, at 37.5 weeks with Natalie, she weighed 7.4! She was a big little baby. I remember Dr. Trotter in Shawnee telling me that she would be a high 8 baby! She came out weighing 9 pounds 3 ounces but again I carried her 43 WEEKS!  It is already apparent how different these two kiddos are going to be!

After the ultrasound, I waited a short time before I was able to go back and see Dr. Markos. My nurse checked my weight 1st and I had gained 2 pounds since last visit which puts me over the 30 pounds mark. I was not happy about this at all and I almost immediately got depressed and anxious thinking about the long/ hard diet that is soon to come. After the weight check, my nurse checked my blood pressure. Today is was 100/70 which is a great number but is a little low (especially) the top for me. She did not use the Doppler to check Luke's heart rate since it was checked during the ultrasound. His heart rate was 133 bpm during the Ultrasound and it was amazing to watch his little heart JUST A BEATIN'!

We talked about my contractions a little bit and discussed when to be alarmed and what to do when these pesky Braxton Hicks pains and contractions start. She was VERY helpful and I feel alot better about the whole situation. Now I still feel VERY UNCOMFORTABLE when the contractions are actually happening but I feel better about the long run solution. This all reminds me of one of my favorite scenes of FRIENDS of all time... "Minor Discomfort! Hahaha... what does he know"- said by Rachel as she was taken to the ER for Braxton Hicks. "No uterus... No Opinion"! I now FULLY understand her pain! (Allison, that was for you!!!)

Dr. Markos came in and did the "usual" questioning and then discussed the ultrasound and Luke's weight. He guessed that Luke would be a high 6 pound baby. He did the Group B strep test and then concluded by reviewing the ultrasound details! He also reassured me about the difference in the ultrasound gestational age and the actual gestational age. He confirmed that it was nothing to worry about and they are usually 3 weeks plus or minus anyway. He told me some of the measurements such as the head circumference, abdominal circumference and Bi partial Diameter of the Head. All of these were in the 35th week of Gestation and his Femur Length was 34 weeks and 6 days. His Head Circumference was 38 weeks and 2 days. I guess it is a good thing I will be having a C-Section... YIKES! He just seems so much different that Natalie already and I cannot wait to see these differences in a few weeks.

I will go back in one week to starting getting checked for dilation and effacement! Dr. Markos thinks all is well and I am doing just fine and should be able to carry to complete term (39 weeks... June 12th). That was great news to hear! I am thinking instead of a Birthday Baby pool, maybe my family and I should have a Baby weight pool! That would be fun and interesting to see a difference in my two kiddos!

Baby Luke arrives in 21 days! Wow... I just cannot believe it! I am READY! Thank you Lord, for Your continued blessings!

God is Good... ALL THE TIME!

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