Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I am a ROOKIE! (Again)

Monday, May 14, 2012

This weekend, Chris and I were able to spend some quality alone time together since Natalie is on vacation with my mom and dad to Kansas. We were able to go and eat and even enjoy a movie together. We went to see The Avengers together on Sunday afternoon. This is not really my type of movie but I did really enjoy it and I love being able to spend time with Chris DOING SOMETHING HE ENJOYS! That really helps a relationship and I know he appreciates it!

While attending this movie I saw many a family with a young boy or son in attendance. In fact during the movie I found myself thinking "Umm.... I don't know how to raise a boy! I have never had a brother. I don't know what to do". As we were leaving the theater, we were behind a young father with a 5-6 year old who was just raving about the movie and its characters. The little boy was acting out how "The Hulk" or "Captain America" was fighting it was just too cute but I just felt so inexperienced.

I have thought about all the sporting events and teams and other sporting things but these type of comics and boy movies/ activities HAVE NEVER CROSSED my mind! I now feel in over my head and as if I am a ROOKIE MOM all over again! But like Chris said, "Don't worry honey, YOU HAVE ME!" (Meaning Chris). He always knows how to make me smile!

I know Baby Luke is going to to bring something TOTALLY new to the table for both me and Chris and I am a little nervous about my lack of experience. I know that I will learn as he grows but I think it FINALLY hit me... I don't know how to be a mom of a BOY! But not to worry...I know God will help me! Either way, I cannot wait for my little BOY! He will be here in less than a month!


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