Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prenatal Visit #12

Wednesday, May 30, 2012
"Same Song... Second Verse!"

Today I went in for my 37 week OB appointment. This was a little different and special than other appointments because due to some sickness in our house, I had to take Natalie with me. She did AMAZING throughout the entire visit. She sat quietly and calmly in the waiting room while she ate her sucker and then played on my phone. Once we got into the doctor's office she immediately told the nurse that "This is mommy's doctor... NOT MINE!" I had told her this all afternoon so she would not be afraid and it seemed to work.

As soon as Natalie sat down in the chair in the room, she said "The Giraffe licked my hand". This is hilarious to me and my family because while on vacation with my family last week, Natalie went to the Wichita Zoo with Gigi Shirley and Poppy and she was able to feed the Giraffes. I swear since she has got home she has told ANYBODY and EVERYBODY about that Giraffe licking her hand (She tells Abbey and Oxford EVERYDAY!)

Natalie watched nurse Trisha take my blood pressure and asked "What is that?" The nurse explained a little bit to her and Natalie said "Oh, OK!" My blood pressure was 132/80 which is VERY high for me. I have been having numbers that are "Perfect" readings like 120/80 or slightly lower. My nurse said "It is beginning to CREEP". I am not worried about it just yet but I think I will start to check it nightly if possible. When I stepped on the scale I nearly lost it as I have now gained 34 pounds. This is so frustrating to me since I have worked so hard to lose it all in previous months. I know it will all be worth it when I see that little angel look up at me.

The nurse then used the "Doppler" to check for baby Luke's heartbeat. Natalie was still sitting in the chair just watching it all and as soon as the nurse found Luke's heartbeat, Natalie got up out of the chair and said "What's that?" I told her it was baby Luke and she smiled and said "That's my brother!" It just melted my heart! The nurse kept the Doppler on for a minute or two so Natalie could hear him and Natalie just smiled and smiled and once again said "I want to go get him!" You can Natalie in just 12 short days!

When Dr. Markos came in to examine me for dilation and effacement Natalie was really interested in this. She said "Mommy took off her pants". This was highly embarassing to me and I turned BEAT RED but Dr. Markos said "Yes she did... That's because I have to check for your baby brother." Again, Natalie said, "Oh, OK!"

Dr. Markos then measured me to be at 41 weeks and I am only 37 weeks. I was in TOTAL SHOCK because just 7 days ago when I was 36 weeks I was measuring at 37 weeks. I asked about how that happened and he said "The little man is just growing". I reminded him that according tot he ultrasound Luke was only weighing in at 5 pounds 14 ounces. Dr. Markos then checked for dilatation and effacement and LUKE IS OBVIOUSLY A KELLIE DAVIS BABY! I had dreams and thoughts that perhaps I was already dilated since I was having so many cramps, Braxton Hicks and other discomforts but NOPE... I was 0 dilated and 0% effaced. In fact, Dr. Markos said (and I quote) "Wow, he is so high he is all the way on your left tonsil. That is why he is measuring at 41 weeks. He is SKY-HIGH!"

So this sent me into major Deja Vu!!! I remember Dr. Trotter in Shawnee telling me the same thing at 37 weeks and then carrying Natalie for 6 more weeks! I am so very glad that I will be having a scheduled C-Section... otherwise, I think Mr. Luke would be just like his sister! So comfy and cozy, he doesn't want to come out! Dr. Markos also told me that Luke was laying horizontally instead of vertically. This explains why I have feeling kicks and movements on the far side of my abdomen too!

Luke is doing fantastic and only has 12 more days of growing to do then he will be making his BIG ENTRANCE! I go back to see Dr. Markos in a week and unless something changes I am still scheduled for a C-Section on Tuesday, June 12th at 12:30pm! All of us cannot wait and we are just counting down the days and hours til we become a "Family of FOUR!"


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