Thursday, May 3, 2012

"It's the end of an Era"

And what an amazing Era it has been!

God has been faithful to Chris and I and our family throughout the years and we are continually grateful. You see, we have been faithfully praying for a miracle with the sale of our house in Shawnee and about 3 weeks ago we got an offer on it. This came as some what of a surprise as the previous 3-5 months have been very slow in the real estate market in Shawnee and our house had not been shown in quite some time but even when I felt I had lost all hope of ever selling the house and getting our own here in Houston... God looked down at us, smiled and said "Oh ye of little faith"!

It all started with a comment on Facebook from our realtor in Shawnee. She said that another realtor in her office had shown the house and has an interested couple. I shook my head in dis-belief and even told my mother-in-law "Yeah right, I will believe when I see it". I had SUCH A BAD ATTITUDE! That was on a Saturday and on Monday our realtor called and gave me the buyers offer. Wow... I could not believe it! We actually had an offer and an opportunity to get rid of the house and begin a new chapter in our lives. After a few days of bargaining we settle on a price and the paper work has begun. We are supposed to close on the house on May 21st and that day is fast approaching and we are forever grateful not only to God for answering our prayers but to our two real estate agents back in Oklahoma for their continued effort to help us sell this house.

Last week after the inspection had been done, my realtor put up the "SOLD" sign and sent me a picture of it on my iPhone. In the midst of all the celebrations and happiness for selling the house, I looked at the picture and just teared up thinking of all the wonderful memories we have had in that house. I sent the picture to Chris and we both just cried and reminisced about the 5+ wonderful years we had in that home.

Our First Home: We moved in on October 6, 2006
My first day of teaching my second year at Grove Public School (Fall 2007)

My very first Christmas Tree in 2007

Our name is on the mailbox (Fall 2007)

My precious Abbey in her first snow storm (January 2008)

The first day we brought home Oxford (November 2007)

Abbey and Oxford's 1st batch of Beagle Puppies (September 2009)

The house where we decorated our first Nursery- for Natalie Grace (March 2009)

The house we brought our first child home to- I love the way Abbey is sniffing of her (August 2009)

The house we gave Natalie her first bath in (August 2009)

Our first Family Portrait (September 2009)

The house where Natalie ate her 1st Solid Foods (January 2010)

The home I spent my very first Mother's Day (May 2010)

The home where Natalie took her first steps and had her first Birthday (August 2010)

The home where we showed our true "House Divided" colors with opposing team Address Markers- BOOMER SOONER!!! (Fall 2010)

The home where we started our FAMILY! This was our last day in this house as the 3 of us (June 2011)

This house was an amazing house and it will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart. The pictures and memories above are pale in comparison to the amount of memories I will hold in heart forever. We lived in that home for 5 years and those were some of the best 5 years of my life. Chris, Natalie and I had so much fun and experiences together that I will never forget. God has been so good to me and my family and I am eternally grateful.

I waited 10 months to see this sign and now I tear up almost EVERY TIME I look at it. (Sold Sign... April 2012)

It truly is "The End of an ERA" and I thank God so much giving me the opportunity to celebrate and spend this "ERA" with my family! It really has been an AMAZING five years spent in that house and I will truly miss it... but it is time to move on to the next chapter in the Davis Family!
We have been living with my in-laws for the past 10 months and now we are ready to start a new chapter in our lives. We have been in somewhat of a holding pattern for these 10 months not really knowing when or what is next. I am very excited to begin this next "ERA" in our lives which will include Baby David Luke and THE FOUR OF US! But never-the-less, I am very sad to reminisce on our time spent at Liberty Circle!

God is Good... ALL THE TIME!

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