Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Bucket List

This past April my family and I were able to attend the Opening Day Game and Festivities for the Houston Astros. This is something that I have always wanted to be able to do but distance between me and a MLB team has been too much to try to take off school from. This year, we live in Houston just 25 miles from Minute Maid Park and I made it a point to try to be at this game. It was AMAZING and I was so happy to have been able to share this experience with the two people i love most... Chris and Natalie. I had mentioned to my closest family and friends that this was something on "My Bucket List". This got me thinking about what else is on "My Bucket List". I have categorized this list into groups and I am having a blast thinking and creating this list. Take a moment to think about yours... It is NEVER TOO LATE!

*(Rubric- The items I have BOLDED are already complete)

To ask Jesus to become my personal Savior and live in my heart- 1988
To live my life as a Christian wife, mother and woman so others can see the example I set and try to follow it.
To marry the man of my dreams and live happily ever after- 2006
To have children and a family consisiting of both a boy and a girl- (2012)
To raise my children up in church and lead them to salvation through mine and Chris' example
Be the type of teacher/ educator that studetns will remember YEARS after they leave my classroom and be thankful for the influence I made on their life
Help a student (Even just 1) appreciate music the way I do and have a passion for music the rest of thier lives

Visit and watch a MLB game at all of the MLB ballparks (Family tradition...I've got 26 already)
Go overseas to London, England- Honeymoon 2006
Visit Paris, France
Visit Rome, Italy
Visit South Africa
Visit and tour ALL the islands of Hawaii
Go on a cruise to Alaska, the Mediterranean and Austrailia
Visit all 50 states
Swim in all 5 oceans (This is a LONG shot I know)
Visit Jeruselem and Isreal and see where Jesus was born and died
Visit Estes Park where my parents had their honeymoon
Go on an African Safari (Yet as my husband reminds me... I am afraid of SNAKES and SPIDERS)
Go White Water Rafting
Go shopping at Macy's on 5th Avenue in NYC the day after Thanksgiving

Go to an Opening Day MLB Game- 2012
Go to an Opening Day Game at YANKEES STADIUM
Go to a MLB playoff game/ series- 2010
Attend a MLB All-Star Game AND Homerun derby
Attend a MLB World Series Game (C'mon RANGERS... you are my own hope!)
Go to a NCAA National Championship Game- 2004 
Go to the Rose Parade (I even got to march in it!)- 2003
Attend an OU/ texas game at the Cotton Bowl (x2!!)- 2002 and 2003
Go to a NFL game
Attend a SUPER BOWL game
Go to the Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony and several events
Be in Times Square when the "Ball Drops" on New Years Eve
Go to an INDY 500 race on Memorial Day weekend
Attend the Kentucky Derby (With fancy hat and all!)
Go to a NASCAR race

Personal Goals/ Achievements:
Perform the National Anthem at a Major Sporting Event
Perform, Create and make a Christian Saxophone CD
Give a Christian "Hymn" like concert with my saxophone and voice at my dad's or my own church
Weigh what I did on the day of my wedding... and here's the kicker and never gain a pound more for the rest of my life (I did this in 2011 but now I am back above that mark yet again)

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