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New Carpet... Right Now?

June 13, 2012
Day and Night #2 with "Mommy's NEW Man"

If you read my previous post about night #1 with Baby Luke you probably got a good laugh and you also know how physically and mentally tired we all were. This day started off alot different with visitors and flowers and even breakfast.

I was able to take a shower and get clean clothes and sheets put on as well as get up and walk around. This was nice since the previous 18 hours I had been strapped to a bed with little to no movement happening. It felt great to be able to get out of bed and use the restroom on my own and even take a shower.

This was the last day m sister was going to be in town so she practically spent the entire day at the hospital with Baby Luke and I. During the "Siesta Time" (Nap/ No visitors) my mom and Auntie Allie stayed at the hospital to give me a little break and nap myself. I remember waking up on and off and hearing Auntie Allie singing to Baby Luke and teaching him how to "Two-Step". It was a great site to wake up to!

Auntie Allie teaching Luke how to "Two-Step"!
By this time in my hospital stay I was on my 5th nurse and tech crew. This was fine by me and I understand having to change shifts but the amount of opinions coming from each of these nurses was not only getting on my nerves but it was also stressing me out. One nurse told me that it is best to have a combination of Breast AND Bottle and she went on to tell me to give Luke formula, which I was TOTALLY against at that young of an age. In fact, she told me that the reason Luke was so fussy was because "He is a BIG BOY!" and I am not feeding him enough. Then she told me that my colostrum had not come in and he was not getting anything. She came in with a syringe and gave Luke a small amount of formula without even asking me! I was a little upset about this and I asked for a new nurse.

Another nurse came in and said Luke was so BIG that they might have to check for Diabetes. I was thinking to myself "Natalie weighed 9.3 and she was fine". And then another nurse came in and thought Luke was breathing heavy and fast so she sent him to the NICU for a few hours where he was then sent back to me and labeled "Very Healthy". They all had their own ideas, opinions and agendas and that alone really made me nervous.

That night my mom decided to stay over night with me in the hospital. This was really helpful so Chris could go home and get some rest and so could I. My mom WANTED to stay up all night and hold Baby Luke. And trust me... SHE DID JUST THAT! I did not send him to the nursery (Haha) and instead I had Gigi Shirley swaddle and rock him all night. As the nurses came in to check my vitals and blood pressure, I would always wake up to her singing to him! That made me smile each and every time!

Around 11:00pm my mom and I noticed lots of noise coming from the hallway so we decided to open the door and check it out. Come to find out, they were installing new carpet, floor boards and rail boards in the hallway. I guess they had been doing it since around 5 but just got to my area at 11pm. Needlesstosay, it was not necessary to do that at 11pm on the Labor and Delivery Floor. Poor Luke slept through it but when there were loud sounds of hammering he would jerk around and start to get upset. I told the nurse I would appreciate them trying to do that during the day and she reminded me that Labor and Delivery is a 24/7 365 day a year hospital wing and it HAD to get done! That made me laugh a little and I appreciated her honesty! My mom, Luke and I made it through the hammering just fine and survived until Thursday morning. It was ANOTHER LONG NIGHT but we did it just fine!

Thursday would prove to be a very challenging and EMOTIONAL day for me but... MORE ON THAT LATER!

God is good... ALL THE TIME!

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