Sunday, July 15, 2012

What A LONG Day but... Welcome Home Baby Luke

Thursday, June 14, 2012

This was a really long day. It started off bright and early with the pediatrician coming in to check on Luke. This was really nice because I wanted his opinion on Luke's development. All night the nurses have been telling me I hadn't been feeding him enough and I wanted to pediatrician to verify this. Just as I suspected the pediatrician said Luke was fine and developing perfectly. Then the pediatrician told me that he was going to do the circumcision today. This whole ordeal made me very anxious and nervous but I knew it had to be done. The pediatrician wished me well and left to do his rounds but would be back to do the circumcision later this afternoon.

Shortly after that my doctor came in and it was my turn to be inspected. My doctor told me that I was doing just fine and that as long as Luke was okay I could go home today. This is a little surprising to me because I was expecting the typical three days in the hospital for a C-section but I wasn't at all unhappy about this. He told me he needed to see me in two weeks and I could drive in two weeks. This is really surprising because when Natalie was born I couldn't drive for six weeks. he prescribed me a couple of medications and went on his way. I really respect Dr. Markos and I am glad I chose him to be my OB/GYN. In fact if any of my friends living in the Conroe or The Woodlands area Need an OB/GYN I highly recommend him.

In the meantime Luke was still looking a little yellow from his jaundiced condition. The pediatrician said that they would do a Billy Rubin test. This would check for his actual jaundiced number. I knew all babies had to have this test but Luke looked particularly yellow to me and my family so I was a little nervous. The nurse came in and took Luke to the nursery to take his test. He was gone for about an hour and a half that was a good time for me to rest. When the nurse brought him back she said that the Billy Rubin test would take about three hours to get the results. Once again, it was "hurry up and wait" time. This is always my least favorite thing.

During our three hour stretch of waiting a new nurse came in and gave me her opinion about how Luke and I were doing. She was my seventh nurse in the hospital stay but she turned out to be one of my favorites. I shared with her my frustration of the opinions of all of the different nurses and she wrapped all of their opinions into one and helped me relax a little. God bless that woman because everybody knew my stress level was high and I was very upset about all of the craziness the nurses were telling me about me and my baby. Elsa told her I was nervous and anxious about the circumcision and she shared personal stories to help me relax.

The afternoon came and the pediatrician came back to take Luke for the circumcision. I swear I have never been more nervous and anxious in my entire life I mean they were taking my son to cut him and he was only two days old. When they took him out of the room I just cried and cried and cried. It's a good thing my mom was there. All these years I have wanted a boy but the thought of circumcision never crossed my mind. My dad went off to get us all some pizza for lunch and I just roamed the halls waiting for them to push that beautiful bassinet with my baby back into my room. Chris had some teacher friends come and visit him so that took his mind off the whole situation but not me. I was still a basket case. At last my baby Luke was back in my room and in my arms. I held him tighter than ever.

It was about 4 o'clock but we were still waiting on the results from Billy Rubin test. Once again another nurse came in and I had to ask her if the Billy Rubin test results were in and she said no. So there we all sat in the hospital waiting for these results.

The pediatrician had said we needed a result less than 12 in order to go home today. When the results came back at 8:10pm we had the score of 11.8. Mr. Luke barely made it through but he passed and the massive amount of check-out paper work began. A different nurse plus a technician came in to help me start the process of filling out the discharge paperwork. There were lots of questions and answers that Chris and I had to fill out but we had to done it all before with Natalie so we flew through it. Chris and my dad started to load up the cart with all of our luggage while the nurse checked out my incision. My incision looked great so they brought in a wheelchair to wheel me to the car. My mom and I put Luke in his "going home" outfit then Luke and I got into the wheelchair to go to the car. So after a 14 hour long day baby Luke and I were finally on our way home. Daddy and I were so ready to get home.
Luke is in "Going Home" outfit... He hates getting changed!

The time was 9:30pm and it was dark outside. Those glorious pictures I had hoped for would not turn out but being the "capture every moment" type of mom I am, we still took a few. After a few quick poses for the camera we shut the doors we were off to the house just a few miles away. Luke was sound asleep by the time we left the parking lot.

On our way to the car!

Strapping him in the car seat... He did NOT like this!

I am SO excited... I am on my way home with my SON!

We made it home to a very hyper and loud Natalie Grace. She was so excited and had been talking about her baby brother coming home all day. In fact she even told her teachers at Mother's Day Out. She ran and greeted us at the door and told baby Luke that she loved him. He did not hear her because he was asleep. Chris, my parents and I still had not ate dinner so we made a quick sandwich before turning in for the night. That was fine because Natalie wanted time to sing to her baby brother before she went to sleep.

Natalie and her baby Brother! She was SO excited... And hyper! AND LOUD!!

Finally at 11:30PM Chris and I were able to go to bed and go to sleep, but not before a quick feeding of baby Luke :)! It was a terribly long day but it felt really good to be home with baby Luke.

As always...

God is good... All the time!!!

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