Sunday, July 8, 2012

The "Original" First Day of the Rest of My Life- A Recap

July 8, 2012

As I was blogging about the birth of our second child David Luke, I was reminded of how similar and how different it was from the birth of our 1st child, Natalie Grace! Luke isn't even a month old and they are so very different and alike in so many ways. Just yesterday Chris and I were comparing the two in categories such as crying, eating, gassiness and the most important SLEEPING! I know it will be a lifetime of comparing the two but I thought I would share Natalie's birth story. This was a complete blur to me but Chris wrote a "Facebook" note about the night she was born and here it is! Natalie Grace Davis' birth story- as told by Chris.

August 25, 2009 7:07pm
Well, this is a brief history of Natalie's birth. On Monday morning Kellie and I arrived for the start of her induction. They did not have the cervadil, so they had to send someone to Midwest City to pick some up. There were four mothers there giving birth when we arrived. They started the cervadil at 9:15am. By 5pm she had dilated to 1 cm, which is the only progress she had made to date. She had effaced to 60%.

We had told the doctor that since Kellie was 43 weeks pregnant, we wanted to have the baby, and not return a later date for another induction. The doctor then broke her water and started pitocin at 6:15pm. At 10:00pm she was at 2cm and 75% and minus 2. At 11:00pm she had progressed to 2 and a half cm and 80%. At midnight, Kellie was suffering from having no food and water for over 24 hours and intense contractions. Also, because of the cervadil, Kellie was not allowed to stand up all day, so her hips were starting to grow numb with pain. Since she had dilated 3cm they administered the first painkiller, stadal. This helped Kellie tremendously as she was able to get comfortable in the bed and get rid of some of the pain of the contractions.

I left to go sleep in the hospital room after Kellie fell asleep and I remained there until 1:40am getting about 1 hour of sleep. At three she had dilated to 3 and a half cm so the doctor allowed an epidural. She was able to get more sleep with the epidural and by 4:00am was at 4cm and 100%. She made very little progression for the next couple of hours. The contraction monitor struggled to stay on, so they administered a catheter to measure the contractions. I was able to sleep one hour in our room.

Eventually we noticed the contractions were coming every minute, but they were very week. At 7am, the doctor measured her at 5cm. However, her contractions were weakening and Natalie's heart rate was decreasing. The doctor was worried about her uterus being strong enough to stop the bleeding after the birth, so he ordered an immediate C section. They quickly started to prep Kellie and the operating room while Kellie, me and Kellie's parents all prayed together.

They rushed Kellie into the operating room, and I joined soon after. There were many nurses and doctors in there. Kellie's arms were spread out and tied down to the bed. They had a sheet hanging over her as a blind so she could not see what was going on with her surgery. I quickly took up my place next to her head where I could hold her hand and talk to her. She was breathing through an oxygen mask, so she was difficult to understand.

It did not take long for them to bring Natalie out. At one point the doctor asked me to stand up and I saw Natalie's head poking out of Kellie's stomach. They unwrapped the cord around her neck and took her to a table behind me. At this point, Kellie strained to turn her ahead around and see Natalie.

When Natalie first came out, she was blue in color, with a cone head. Before I left, they allowed Kellie to kiss Natalie on the head. I left the room with Natalie and emerged into the Nurses station were my family was waiting. They took numerous photos with cameras and phones. There were probably 500 pictures taken of Natalie in the first few hours of her life.

I accompanied Natalie to the Nursery where I assisted a nurse in doing numerous test on Natalie. Kellie went to a recovery room for one hour, and was unable to see Natalie for three hours. Kellie lost a lot of blood during the surgery, more than a usual c-section, however she made a quick recovery. Her and Natalie are now both very healthy and happy.

To be continued....
Right out of the operating room where family was waiting!
This was the Original "The First Day of the REST OF MY LIFE"! I am so incredibly grateful for my precious Natalie Grace and I thank God for her each and every day!

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